Reflections From The First Week

View from Columbia Center, the site for Trevor's first blood drive with Puget Sound Blood Center

Trevor @ Puget Sound Blood Center:

It feels great to have a job! I’m so much more willing to get and go to work than I am to get up for school! I’m a fan of the cause I’m working for and I’m meeting some great people!

Christopher @ Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra:

I must say, having a job is certainly a very unique experience for me.  Though the daily bus commute is, in many ways, the same as taking the school bus every day, the work is certainly a new experience for me.  Besides the privilege I feel to have a job in these hard times, I feel as if I am gaining exposure to what most of life is going to be, with all its commuting and working.

Andrew @ SOAR:

Having a job and all of the responsibilities that come along with it feels a bit intimidating when I step back and think about it, but in the moment, I am loving every second of it. I arrived my first day and discovered that my co-intern, just graduated in June from the UW with two Master’s degrees. She is wonderful and has been like a second mentor to me this past week, but in the first five minutes of my first day, that was intimidating. Nevertheless, I am absolutely enjoying feeling productive and engaged with my summer, getting up early and accomplishing things with my day.

Midheta @ Southwest Boys and Girls Club:

I am really enjoying my job at the Southwest Boys and Girls club, I know it’s only been a week but the kids are wonderful and the staff is so kind, good hearted and inviting!! I love it there, it doesn’t even feel like work. Also there’s a former TIPS intern there: Harry, so it’s helpful to get some feedback from him too. It’s funny because in the pit of my stomach I sometimes feel a little sad to go to work because I know sometime it’s going to end hahaha but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

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