Intern Experiences: Deepika @ Compass Housing Alliance

Deepika (2011 TIPS Intern) at Wallace Swamp Creek Park

Today was one of the best days ever because today we went on a hike at Wallace Swamp Creek Park. At least once a week my supervisor and I decide to go on a little adventure for the kids whether it is going to the library for reading or going to the park for play. At first I was a little hesitant of going on a hike because I never really considered myself much of a “nature person”, but now I can honestly say I love it. The environment of this park was so amazing from the light breeze in the wind to the beautiful atmosphere surrounding us. But what made today so special were not only the great weather and the beautiful environment, but the happiness and joy we had with making a difference within our community.

There was a stream of water at the park that looked as though it could use a bit of cleaning, so the kids and I decided to keep the area clean by picking up any trash that was lying around. We ended up recycling some pretty random and bizarre things like a diet coke bottle, a plate, a laptop piece, glass, and a can full of cat food. I was shocked to see all these dangerous things in the water especially because most of us were walking barefoot through the park and someone could have gotten seriously hurt.

By the end of the day I was soaking wet and some of us ended up falling on our butts in the cold water! Overall it was a great day and I was so proud of the kids for making a difference in the community! I will defiantly visit Wallace Swamp Creek Park again.


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