Update about the 2014 Internship


20140712_102311_HDRTeens In Public Service offers interns several training sessions in leadership and workplace readiness. The summer internship started with the orientation in which interns learned about workplace etiquette and professionalism, logistics, expectations and general responsibilities required of all TIPS teens.

On July 12th, 2014 TIPS hosted an informative and empowering leadership training session that included ice breaking, public speaking  and communication exercises.



Bridge the Gap_Logo 3

‘Bridge the Gap’ between the demand for the TIPS program and the funds required.

I believe that it is strategically imperative that TIPS identify ways to increase funding for the program.  In the long term, TIPS’ reputation risks becoming tarnished due to the difficulty of acceptance and entry.  How can you help?

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2013 Luncheon 

Great Event with Great People!

TIPS celebrated great people doing great things in the community on Thursday, November 7th at the Fairmont Hotel.  Over 400 guests were on hand to see and hear about the summer internship program and raised $90,000 for our summer internship program. Special thanks to John de Graaf, guest speaker who reminded us “  the new science of happiness confirms our religious traditions; it is better to give than to receive.  Happiness comes from service. “

Team Read received the nonprofit partner of the year. Their mission is  every child deserves to be a great reader.  Team Read helps Seattle’s public elementary school students achieve reading success by pairing them up with teen tutors.  Since 2008, TIPS and Team Read partnership has made a difference for staff, teens and participants of the Team Read program.

2009 TIPS alumni, Sarah M., received the alumni of the year award.  Her work at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, member of the selection committee since 2010 and her work as chair of the annual Spring Frolic 5 K walk/race that she was instrumental in getting off the ground. We are so proud of our award winners.  Special thanks to TIPS alumni who spoke at the luncheon about the internship experience-Michael B., Kevin B., Brianna B., Sam E. and Ellen H.

As Brianna reminded us all in the audience “In the volunteer world, there’s a phrase that we really like to use: “make a difference.” When we’re young, making a difference means something along the lines  of creating world peace, or reversing climate change. But as we get older, we hear the proverbial story of a boy walking down a beach filled with starfish: when a man walks by and asks him why he bothers throwing the starfish back (because he’s “never going to make a difference”), the boy picks one up, throws it back in, and says, “well, I made a difference to that one.” So we understand that global change has to come from a grassroots level and we all have that possibility.”

TIPS is grateful for all who attended and learned more about TIPS and gave generously.




Did you know:

$ 170 provides ORCA cards for  two interns

$ 220 provides leadership training for one intern

$ 313 supports one week pay for  an intern

$ 500  places your logo on  TIPS summer internship T-shirts

$ 3,600 pays for a Part-time Internship (wages, supplies and training)

$ 4,350 pays for a Full-time Internship (wages, supplies and training)


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